Mittwoch, 29. Mai 2013

Why Microsoft's Xbox 360 dominates the living room war

Kinect is regularly getting slammed by video game critics but it still sells very well and it's not the hardware that lets it down unfortunately.

That's the lame game and the poor use of the hardware many games use it. Kinect has a lot of success with the launch of its sesame street games, see Cookie answer children's interactions are an amusing sight!

If you do not know much about Kinect there is a nasty bit of kit, it's been out for a couple of years now but it makes the living room experience even more ... lazy.

You don't even have to pick up the remote control to select a movie longer, Kinect bundles together a camera, microphone and motion sensors, so with the power of voice, you can control your home entertainment, almost like Bourne.

Microsoft is constantly pushing new content to the Xbox console has evolved into more than just a game console, now has a dedicated music shop, a place to watch movies and TV, and a social base. Continuous feeding of software and hardware updates has seen a change in the way the console is used. In the spring, Xbox live subscribers, for the first time ever in the United States, spent more time watching videos and listening to music than to play multiplayer games. Xbox is turning into an alternative to cable services like sky, on-demand movies and TV from the services such as LoveFilm and Netflix replaces the need for a cable.Microsoft's Xbox live has over 40 million members in 35 countries, they have sold 67 million units, generating $ 56 billion of retail and still continues to sell consoles at a steady rate. The latest development is based around contract subscription trials that pop up in the States right now, that is, instead of paying $ 199 for an Xbox bundle, you pay $ 99 and agree that subscribe to Xbox live gold membership for 2 years.

As Microsoft likes to use the Xbox as the experimental controller and the latest development is that the smart glass. Smartglass is a tablet display that can interact and deliver a second monitor to your Xbox gaming and has lots of other features. It is a direct competitor to the Nintendo Wii U Tablet PC controller which will be released later this year.Plenty of Xbox success but has been down to some of its illustrious and exclusive games, big is, of course, the original Halo and mass effect. So there are plenty of reasons why the Xbox console has been located in most large homes with new Xbox One rumors, will maybe they continue to reside in your living room!

XBOX 720 rumors fact and fiction

Unlike most electronic devices, Sony's PlayStation 3 and Microsoft's XBOX 360 has been able to hold its own by lasts as long as they have at the top of a very competitive market. their run has been quite impressive.As I said, rumors are rife in the gaming industry that Microsoft has been working on a new game console, XBOX One, which is set to give Sony's PlayStation 4, project shield and Nintendo Wii U a run for their money in what has been dubbed as "the next generation" of video game technology. However, little is known about the XBOX ONE but there is always some bit of truth behind every rumor and some that can be backed up in this report.ProductionThankful to leaks that we have been able to get, we can say with any degree of certainty that Microsoft has had XBOX ONE in a work for a number of years now. This is already showing the deliberation and patience that Microsoft is willing to put in this project, a commendable achievement to say the least. In addition, we can conclude that it will not be long now, maybe months, before Microsoft announced its release on the market. Alone is enough to stir some excitement in gaming enthusiasts.However, it is wise to acknowledge that much of this still be only speculation. In fact, the name of this alleged "next-generation" video gaming console may or may not be the XBOX ONE. Some are of the impression that Microsoft is going to name it "XBOX 720" while others will argue that it actually becomes the XBOX 720. The name, however, is trivial at this point.HardwareWorth to note is that the rumors already given the processing power of the XBOX one a Supreme status in relation to what we already know to expect from Nintendo Wii U. it is reported that it has an outstanding 1.2 teraflops of power; more comprehensive, game console is expected to have an 8-core 1.6 GHz chip with a 768-wire-wrapping-GPU. It's quite a bit of force.FeaturesKinect 2.0 is one of the most interesting features that are rumored to be incorporated into the XBOX ONE and the sources have been quoted saying that Microsoft is keen to invest in the project as they see a bright future in motion-controlled video games.On another entertainment aspect of the game console,

 XBOX ONE will have a Blu-Ray player video experience and as expected the game console will remain in the cloud-related craze and will be able to support some cloud storage. Exclusive shows and other TV programs will also be included in the gaming console, this is in line with the rumor that Microsoft is working to set up its own TV content.ControversyIn an attempt to stop the second hand games from being forwarded to the other players by sale or gift, it is rumored that Microsoft will install a code activation makes this impossible. Not what would also be potentially of music teacher gamers is the internet addiction of the game that is rumored to come with the XBOX 720. These issues would go far I inhibits the warm reception that the console would prefer.

Release dateAlong with the cheerful Christmas carols and happy making, Christmas 2013 could see the launch of "next-generation" gaming console; It is one more reason to look forward to Christmas gamers. Sorry but this is just speculation and the due date for release is still Microsoft's sole discretion.